If you’re keen to enter your first triathlon or ocean swim, looking to improve your efficiency and swim faster in your next event, or enjoy better swimming as a regular activity for  your health and wellness – we will help you move forwards with your swimming goals in 2015!


Our next round of Total Immersion Effortless Endurance course’s will start after Easter. Dates will be released soon!


Come and try a Total Immersion Taster Session on Saturday 28 March at 9.30 am!

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SWIMLAB programs offer a fresh insight into swimming. Using the Total Immersion methodology, swimming is coached as a  whole body experience, where balance, core stability and streamlining offer the key to energy efficient swimming.

By improving the way swimming is taught and practiced we aim to make the whole experience more accessible, enjoyable and satisfying for all, no matter what their goal.

  • Do you need a technical tune up that will improve your swimming performance in triathlons and ocean swims?
  • Do you want to improve your ‘pace holding ability’ for long distance swims?
  • Do you need video analysis to understand more about your stroke and how to improve?
  • Do you want to improve an exhausting and inefficient freestyle stroke?





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