Total Immersion™ Group Practice

As a previous participant in a Total Immersion™ swimming program or one-to-one tailored program, you’re invited to attend SWIMLAB’s weekly Total Immersion™ Group Practice.


Saturday's, 8-9 am, Waverley College

Starting: Sat 3 February - Sat 24 March

8 sessions @ $120

$17 casual (incl GST)


Swimmers will be required to have their own Finis Tempo trainer for this session.

Total Immersion Practice Group

Keep your stroke mechanics well tuned while we raise the bar!   This weekly session will engage you in practice's that continually improve your swimming stroke, with the addition of SMART sets that add challenge, and improve your problem solving capacity as a swimmer.

Improve neuro-muscular and metabolic conditioning, learn to utilise and manipulate multiple variables of reps, distance, rest interval, tempo, stroke Length and RPE to improve your swimming performance.

Who is Total Immersion™ Group Practice for?

  • You want to continue to improve your swimming
  • You would like to be held accountable for weekly drill/skill practice
  • You want to minimise ‘garbage yardage’ and get far better returns from high quality precision tempo trainer sets
  • You want to use smart neuromuscular training to build the necessary muscle and metabolism needed for your swimming
  • You want to perform better in open water events
  • You swim for continued health and enjoyment

What you will learn in Total Immersion™ Group Practice?

  • How to work with a Finis tempo trainer
  • Understand more about the formula: stroke length x tempo = pace
  • Your optimal SPL range
  • How to choose and change your stroke length and stroke rate to maintain pace, and improve pace while minimising effort and energy cost
  • How to practise for improvement of your key swimming metrics

At the end of the Total Immersion™ Group Practice, you will

  • Improve your swimming skill
  • Improve neuro-muscular and metabolic conditioning
  • Expand your swimming tool kit and learn how to adjust variables for better outcomes
  • Understand how your stroke length and stroke rate affect your swimming