About Total Immersion™

SWIMLAB is a fully licensed provider of Total Immersion™ swimming  programs in Australia.

Total Immersion™ is a unique swimming education program, that teaches swimmers of all levels the secret of effortless swimming. Our courses help you understand what good swimming looks and feels like, and helps you to swim with ease and efficiency.


Level 1.0 Effortless Endurance

Learn the foundational skills and drills that will transform your freestyle; address balance, core stability, streamlining. propulsion and breathing.


Level 2.0 Smart Speed

Achieve Pace Mastery by experimenting with different combinations of SPL (stroke count) and Tempo, that lead to easy speed.


Level 3.0 Expert Skills

Hone the skills of expert catch and press, and 2 beat kick to create maximum propulsion with minimal effort

Learn these swimming skills and you’ll be able to:

  • Swim further and faster using less energy
  • Enjoy every stroke and improve continuously
  • Swim free of injury or pain

Step One: The 3 Cs: Comfort, control, and confidence

Every swimmer – whether novice or experienced (even former Olympians!) – begins by learning Balance and Core Stability. These give you a sense of being ‘weightless’ in the water.

With Total Immersion™, first you learn to work with with – instead of fighting – gravity to create an ‘effortlessly horizontal’ position from head to toe. Then we teach you to stabilise your core body so you’re confident and calm and in control of your position in the water when swimming.

Step Two: Take the path of least resistance

Because water is 1000 times denser than air, water resistance (or drag) is the main factor limiting how far or fast we swim. Fish and aquatic mammals are naturally streamlined. For human swimmers it’s a learned skill.

Using the Total Immersion™ system teach you two ways of streamlining yourself in the water:

  • Shape Your ‘Vessel’
  • Don’t Make Waves

Step Three: Move from your core

In traditional swimming technique, the arms and legs do the lion’s share of the work, while the core body is passive baggage. We invert that dynamic initiating all movement, power, and rhythm in the core – the most naturally powerful part of the body.

What about breathing?

It’s obvious that breathing is both the most essential and most challenging of all skills. So where does breathing fit into the Total Immersion™ skill sequence? Actually, development of seamless breathing skill is integral to every step. When you are comfortable and in control of your body, breathing is far easier. When you maintain a long, sleek shape while breathing, you conserve both momentum and power. And finally, it’s far easier to get that breath when the energy for moving your mouth to the air comes from core rotation.

Video Demonstrations