First Strokes Beginner I

This program will transform how you feel in the water as a novice swimmer. Gain confidence, control and build your first easy freestyle strokes to swim 25m.

Program Format

  • 1:4 coach to swimmer ratio
  • 6 weeks x 45-minute lessons
  • Coach is "in" the water and hands-on

What you will learn

  • Breath control - the foundation to calm practice and deeper learning
  • A smart sequence of skills and drills to build your freestyle stroke

What you will take away?

  • A tool-kit of skills and drills to help build your swimming journey
  • Resources that promote clarity, as an adult learner swimmer
  • Knowledge of what to practice, and how to practice for the biggest gainst at this stage of your swimming journey

Extra inclusions

  • Pre Course Material
  • Before and After Above water videos
  • 6 Training videos
  • Practice Cheat Sheet
  • Practice Accountability Group (WhatsApp)
  • Post-program swim plans for 25m-500m
  • Complimentary Swim Cap