Green Zone SPL

The most efficient range of stroke counts for a swimmer of any height. 

Breast stroke -
made easy

Breaststroke is the world's oldest and most popular stroke. There is evidence of a breaststroke-like style being swum over 10,000 years ago and it was the first stroke taught formally, in books published between 1538 and 1794.

Tempo Trainer

Tempo Trainer Basics: Ten Tempo Tasks for Fun and Improvement

'Free Peak' inside Effortless Endurance

This complimentary ebook has been made freely available to allow you to sample the content and format of the full Effortless Endurance Freestyle book. This excerpted version includes 40 pages of the 130-page full version. 

Sneaky Speed - Swimming Faster with Smarter Choices

More Effort or Smarter Choices? You can't get around it; the idea of swimming faster is undeniably sexy.

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