Swim Bootcamps

Our new Swim Bootcamps are a huge success!

One stop shop for a stroke tune up and swim fitness boost!
Get direction and focus to get your swimming mojo back!
Coming back after injury or a long break from swimming?
A great compliment to your land based fitness activities


We are putting together a 3 month plan of alternative activities, to keep our SWIMLAB community focussed and connected, inspired and educated; including Q & A sessions, video analysis, dryland stretch, strength and stability workouts.


Connect with us on the following channels - keep moving, get involved! 


Instagram |swimlab_australia

YouTube |https://www.youtube.com/user/SWIMLABAustralia/

As soon as our pools open, get your goggles on - we're ready to roll, and serve you the best adult swimming education programs in Sydney

Stay well, safe and connected.

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What is Bootcamp?

Four, dynamic and packed sessions to improve your stroke and develop your swimming, getting your swimming back on track

  • refresh your freestyle stroke technique
  • up-skill with tips and tricks to develop a more efficient stroke
  • get a fast fitness boost with high intensity swim interval sets, to get you back in the swim
  • no equipment needed, totally 'swimming' based program

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