Bondi Adult Swimfit Squad

Bondi Adult SwimFit Squads

Train with us for your swim events this season! Improve cardiovascular conditioning, local muscular endurance and swim speed for ocean swims triathlons, cross-fit events and general health and fitness.

2020 Swim Squads start

Monday 6th January 2020

Waverley College (outdoor, heated 50m pool)

Saturday squads start Saturday 1st February 2020

Season End: Saturday 28 March 2020

Each session, we will take you through a program utilizing various rep, distance and effort level combinations, adding pace and stroke length challenges. We cover between 2.5km and 3 km in an hour session, operating 8 lanes of differing speeds and abilities, in a focussed, fun and motivating group environment.

Payment options this Term
1. Casual $20 per session
2. 10 pack $180
3. 20 pack $320
4. Unlimited sessions $14 per session, calculated on joining

Approx Lane times:

Lane 1/2        > 1 min 30 s - 1 min 40s / 100m

Lane 3/4        1 min 40 s - 1 min 50 s / 100m

Lane 5/6        1 min 50 s  - 2 mins / 100m

Lane 7/8         2 mins - 2 mins 15 s / 100m*


*Swimmers below 2 mins 10s / 100m are suggested to complete Stroke Correction Programs.

Who is the SWIMFIT squad for?

  • You enjoy a group training environment for increased motivation and accountability
  • You would like to enter, or improve your performance in a triathlon or ocean swim
  • You would like use swimming in a regular fitness program

What you will learn in SwimFit squad session

  • Learn to read the pace clock
  • How to pace your swims over different distances
  • Learn how to apply alternative metrics to ‘time’ for deeper understanding of pace ie. stroke length, and tempo

What will you take away?


  • The ability to swim smarter, better and adult-swim-fitfaster.
  • Improved neuro-muscular and metabolic conditioning.