First Strokes Beginner Freestyle Program

First Strokes Swimming Program will transform how you feel in the water as a novice swimmer.

First Stroke's swimming programs are for the beginner to intermediate swimmer, who need to build a more confident relationship with the water, improve their basic swimming skills and movement pattern awareness. Groups are a maximum of 4 swimmers and our coach is IN the water with you, giving demo's of the sequence, offering hands on support and correction for a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

All Autumn / Winter programs: NCIE Redfern, 6 x 40 mins, $299 incl GST


More Autumn / Winter program dates coming soon - register your interest now!


  • Pre course material
  • Complimentary swim cap
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Training video's
  • Before and After Above Video's 
  • Skill Practice Cheat Sheet


The program will help you relax and enjoy being in the water. You will work through a set of progressive drills that move towards constructing an easy basic freestyle stroke and be able to confidently swim your first 10m – 25m!

You'll then be ready for Total Immersion Level 1.0 Effortless Endurance program.


" stroke is getting better; with time it feels more natural and easy. Last night in class, I swam 25 m straight with breathing, including swimming in the deeper section of pool, which felt like biggest achievement ever. I would previously have panicked, a lot,  but have now overcome my fears. 

Thank you so much for everything. I was at the verge of giving up on swimming when I started with Swimlab in Feb. Now, I love every bit of it!"  
Manju, started with the beginner program and has just completed the intermediate 

Who is First Strokes for?

  • You’re a beginner, with basic water skills and confidence
  • You would like to overcome the feeling panic and lack of control when you put your face in the water
  • You can swim breast stroke, and want to gain the skills and know how to proceed to freestyle
  • You’re able to swim basic freestyle but have difficulty coordinating your movements, and are exhausted after just a few strokes

What you will learn in First Strokes swimming lessons

  • How to float with ease, and relax in the water
  • How to control your breath, and remain calm when in the water
  • How to apply the basics of balance, core stability and rotation to swimming
  • Simple drills that will improve how you relate to the water

At the end of the First Strokes program you will

  • Be able to swim your first strokes with confidence and ease
  • Be comfortable and confident in the water
  • Feel in control, and calm and relaxed when swimming