TI™ Level 3.0 Smart Speed

What is Smart Speed?

Swim Faster, Not Harder!

Achieve 'pace mastery' and goal achievement by learning how to:

  • scale your whole stroke intelligently
  • make adaptations to your stroke with pace variations
  • understand and apply swimming 'gears' - the application of different combinations of SPL (stroke length) and Tempo, that lead to swimming 'gears' and hence 'easy speed'


New Program dates coming soon!

Pre-req: Swimmers must be able to swim 400m continuous and unaided, with SPL close to or within Optimal Range.

All swimmers require a Finis Tempo Trainer for this program.


You get:

  • Weekly training sessions
  • Tempo trainer practice guide
  • 24/7 support during the duration of the program
  • Online Community
  • 1 under water video analysis

This is program will broaden your swimming IQ and challenge you to apply advanced skills; moving your focus away from 'the pace clock' and the single metric of end result 'time'.  Understanding the following equation, and how to apply skills to achieve your best in any given swim task or competition. 

Stroke Length (SPL) x Tempo (secs per stroke) = Velocity

This program is a follow up of the Total Immersion 1.0 Effortless Endurance program. Learn how to turn your foundation skills into improved ' pace holding ability' with SMART sets that include a wide variety of variable's other than 'the clock'.

Each session we will cover approx 2km of sets based on problem solving challenges,

Who is the Smart Speed program for?

  • You’ve completed the Total Immersion™ Effortless Endurance Program and feel ready for the next level of challenge and improvement
  • Your stroke count is close to, or within range for your wingspan
  • You’d like to improve your swim pace-holding ability for long swims
  • You’re a swimmer who wants to apply power and speed, without fatigue
  • You would like to learn how to use a tempo trainer and apply the concepts of smart speed to your swimming
  • You would like to boost your progress and recharge your swimming enthusiasm
  • You can swim 400m

What you will learn in the Smart Speed program?

  • How to use a Finis tempo trainer to enhance your swimming practice
  • How to improve your swimming speed with a deeper understanding of the simple maths of speed
  • Learn how to plan your swim practices with different tempo's, distance's and stroke lengths, for improved outcomes
  • How to find your optimal range of stroke counts (SPL range) for pool practice based on your height and skill characteristics.
  • How to adapt your stroke length to make strategic use of each stroke count in your personal range, to swim farther or faster with minimum strain and maximum ease.

What will you take away?

  • Improved ability to  practice with purpose and confidence
  • Create improvement projects that link your aspiration and achievement
  • Able to use simple guidelines to create practice cycle of practices to help you continually improve your swimming
  • Understand the template for an infinite variety of mentally stimulating and physically challenging swim practises

For course details and enrolment

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