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Adult SwimFit Squad

Train in a motivating group environment for triathlons, open water swims and general health and fitness. Improve your cardiovascular conditioning, local muscular endurance and swim speed.


Saturdays, 8-9 am

Start -  Sat 7th October, 2017

Mondays and Wednesday, 6-7pm,

Start - Mon 9th October, 2017

Each session, we will take you through a program utilizing various sets, reps and distance interval combinations, adding pace and stroke length challenges. We cover between 2.5km and 3 km in an hour session, operating 4 lanes of differing speeds and abilities.


Approx Lane times:

Lane 1    1 min 20s - 1 min 30 s / 100m

Lane 2    1 min 30 s - 1 min 45 s / 100m

Lane 3    1 min 45 s  - 2 mins / 100m

Lane 4    2 mins - 2 mins 20 s / 100m


Spring Swim Bootcamp

Tuesdays, 6.30 - 7.45 pm, NCIE Redfern

5, 12, 19, 26 Sept, 2017

Kick start your swim season this September with our early bird Swimming Bootcamp!

Laid off swimming over Winter?

Need direction and focus to get your swimming mojo back?

Coming back after injury or a long break from swimming?

Four, fun, dynamic and packed sessions to improve your stroke and develop your swimming, getting you on track for the season

  • refresh your freestyle stroke technique
  • up-skill with tips and tricks to develop a more efficient stroke
  • get a fast fitness boost with swim interval sets, to get you squad ready
  • no equipment needed, totally 'swimming' based program



Adult Swim Fit Squads

Train in a motivating group squad situation; each session, we will take you through a set program, utilizing various training methods and energy systems. We cover between 2.5km and 3 km in an hour session, operating 3-4 lanes of differing speeds and abilities.

Improve your swimming endurance, skills and pace holding ability for triathlon, open water swimming or general health and fitness.


Saturdays, 8-9 am, starting Saturday 4th February, 2017

Mondays, 6-7pm, starting Monday 6th February, 2017

Wednesdays, 6-7pm, starting Wednesday 8th February, 2017About SWIMLAB





Total Immersion™ Group Practice

As a previous participant in a Total Immersion™ swimming program, Stroke Correction Clinic or One-to-one program you’re invited to attend SWIMLAB’s weekly Total Immersion™ Group Practice.

Develop your stroke, and develop your knowledge, skill and application as a swimmer. This weekly session will engage you in practice’s that continually improve your swimming stroke, with the addition of SMART sets that add challenge, and improve your problem solving capacity as a swimmer.

Improve  neuro-muscular and metabolic conditioning, learn to utilise and manipulate multiple variables of reps, distance, rest interval, tempo, stroke Length and RPE to improve your swimming performance.

A Finis Tempo Trainer is essential for these sessions.

Saturdays, 8-9 am, Waverley College

Sat 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb

Sat 4, 11, 18, 25 Mar

Sat 1, 8 Apr

10 sessions

$15 casual/ 10 sessions @ $120


Finis Tempo trainerTotal Immersion Practice GroupTotal Immersion Practice GroupTotal Immersion Practice Group