TI™ Level 2.0 Expert Freestyle Skills

Hone the advanced swimming skills of ‘freestyle catch and press’ and 'two beat kick', to create maximum propulsion with minimal effort; and learn how to integrate the Finis Tempo Trainer into your swim training for both neuromuscular and metabolic conditioning gains.

Expert Skills (part I)

Freestyle Catch 

Thursday 15th April

5.30 - 7.30 pm  | NCIE Redfern 

$199 incl GST


* Swimmers must be able to swim 400m continuous and unaided / optimal 100m pace time 2 mins or less



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Sessions include:

  • sequential drills and practices that build the mechanics of each skill
  • whole stroke focal point practice’s on the timing and co-ordination within full stroke
  • an introduction to the Finis tempo trainer and how to apply the device to your own swimming
  • 1 x below water video analysis
  • progressive Tempo Trainer practice sessions


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