Be Ocean Ready!

Starter Ocean Bootcamp

Your introduction to safe, fun and supported ocean swimming!
  • Build essential confidence, skills and endurance with our 4 week Bootcamp! 
  • Improve your beach, and ocean awareness to help you swim safely and enjoy all the ocean has to offer.
Pre req: Swimmers must be able to swim 300m continuous freestyle in the pool.
Back in Spring 2024!! 

Ocean Accelerator

Consolidate and develop your skills, decision making and endurance (up to 2k+)

  • Cover a wide range of skills including beach and surf awareness, negotiating the break, in's and out's, sighting, pace variation, swimming buddy, group and draft swimming. 
  • Perfect preparation for your Summer Ocean Swim Events!
  • All in a fun, focussed and pumping group session!

Pre req: Swimmers must be able to swim 500m continuous freestyle in the pool.

Back in Spring 2024!! 

Coach Britt-2

Private Coaching

Start your ocean journey with private coaching sessions

Build confidence, skills and develop ocean fit endurance in a 1-1 setting!

Wed 12.15pm
Thur 2pm
Fri 3pm

Single sessions $125 inc GST
3 pack $330 inc GST

Pre req: Swimmers must be able to swim 200m continuous freestyle



Claire is a passionate and experienced swim coach. Her personal results in swimming and sport are amazing and it is a delight to train with her. I look forward to continuing to work with Claire and improving my stroke. I have referred quite a few people to Swimlab and no one has been disappointed

Jo Sly


Bloody amazing it has transformed my life, I absolutely love getting up at 6am to go for a swim. Would highly recommend

Paula Bredbury Macleod


Claire is a supportive, encouraging and patient swim coach. She is very intuitive and has a good sense of your limitations. The TI technique is very logical and well taught with plenty of resources.

Antonella De Rosa


Every time I get in the water now I feel an immense sense of gratitude to Claire. Her swim programs are excellent and the TI technique has made swimming an immensely enjoyable experience. She is also fantastic at keeping in contact even when the programs have finished. She is always happy to answer questions and impart her knowledge. I cant recommend Claire enough.

Harry Karadimas


Claire is a fantastic swim coach. She imparts an excellent knowledge of swimming technique and can explain herself clearly and succinctly. However, she doesn't let the technique overwhelm the session and you will get fit under her guidance! She has a friendly and approachable manner, and fosters a great group atmosphere. I credit Claire with giving me back my swim mojo, and a much improved stroke.

Tamera Lang


Fabulous program for all swim levels and Claire is an amazing coach. Very supportive, positive and dedicated.

Adam Pantle


Claire offers great, consistent coaching for all swimmers whether beginners or advanced and she is very generous and enthusiastic with her support and advice. The atmosphere she creates in her swim squads is also really friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend her!

Victoria Stilwell


Claire is very patient and uses lots of techniques to help improve your stroke including video and photos. I have recommended Claire to all my friends and they have all enjoyed and improved.

Emma Heeley


Claire is an experienced coach who brings fun, fitness and a true understanding of the mechanics of good swimming to her training. She has helped those who have never swum to be regular ocean swimmers, and at the other end trains serious competitors for their next race. Whatever swim journey you are on, you will benefit and gain from Swimlab..!

Christine Conolly


Claire is a fantastic TI coach with a keen eye to catch and remedy your stroke quirks. Her ongoing attention at the squads has transformed my technique and joy of swimming.

Colin Kropman

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