Balance Essential

Balance: The Essential Foundation of Efficient Swimming

By Claire Owen | Oct 8, 2018

Balance: The Essential Foundation of Efficient Swimming This is an awesome read for swimmers and coaches. Balance is a non negotiable foundation for any sporting movement. Have you ever seen a world class golfer, tennis player, cricketer, track and field athlete perform their sweet spot move in an unbalanced position??? Every move of precision is…

What are the key difference’s between Total Immersion Swim programs and traditional / conventional forms of delivery?

By Claire Owen | Oct 8, 2018

What is the difference between  Total Immersion Swim programs and traditional / conventional form of delivery? Total Immersion ™ methodology drills and skills correct the stroke faults and habits that keep athletes from swimming smoothly without effort. The in-depth progression moves the swimmer towards a stroke the offers continuing possibilities for improvement. Here are some of…


Why is swimming such a challenging physical activity for humans?

By Claire Owen | Oct 8, 2018

Swimming offers a smorgasbord of complex challenges for the novice, and at times, the higher skilled swimmer. At Swimlab, we truly recognise and problem solve the swimming challenges that ‘adult onset’ swimmers face when working towards their goals; with our coaching expertise and Total Immersion method as the back bone of our coaching principles, we strive…

5 reasons why swimmers choose Swimlab programs to achieve their swimming goals

By Claire Owen | Aug 2, 2018

Learning to swim well, and developing that skill further, deserves a place on everyone’s list. It’s our passion and what we do best…. 5 reasons why swimmers choose Swimlab programs to achieve their swimming goals: 1. We provide expert video analysis! Knowing what your swimming looks like, is essential to the learning process. Giving you an insight into what is going…

What a drag! Understanding one of the biggest hurdles in your swimming

By Claire Owen | Sep 29, 2016

    Do you want to swim more efficiently, faster or further, but find your stroke too exhausting, unsustainable or deteriorates over time? Probably the biggest issue for adult learner, improver and even advanced swimmers, in some cases, is the ‘drag’ effect, created by sinking hips and legs. Reduce your ‘drag’ and you will: improve…

Universal Swimming Challenges

By Claire Owen | Aug 27, 2016

Why does swimming present as such a challenging activity? What are the Universal Swimming Challenges faced by all human bodies in water? Well, lets think about a few things that happen to our bodies (and brains) when we hit the water. We are no longer on/over our centre of gravity, but hanging from it Humans…

Swim-inspiration for budding Triathletes

By Claire Owen | Jun 29, 2016

I had the pleasure coaching John Hallis, through our Total Immersion Effortless Endurance program earlier this year. He was deep in training for some of the season’s top races, in the latter part of the season. John was already doing a great job with is swimming leg, but came to SWIMLAB,  to learn more about improving his…

Basic Water Skills program

Water Confidence and beginner swim programs

By Claire Owen | Jun 29, 2016

              Basic water confidence is a pre-requisite, if your end goal is to learn to swim with ease and enjoyment!  Many ‘beginner’ swimmers harbour a water phobia of sorts, where our confidence in the water has been challenged at some point. This can happen through past trauma in and…