Total Immersion Level 1.0 Effortless Endurance Program – is it right for me?

The Total Immersion Level 1.0 Effortless Endurance program is our most popular and transformative freestyle program.  It is a stroke building program, that aims to deconstruct and then reconstruct new muscle memory and optimal movement patterns that abide by the laws of physics (of the human body in water).

It helps a wide range of ability from early progressive swimmers able to swim a minimum of 50m before needing to rest, to experienced high skilled open water swimmers looking for improved performance and enjoyment.

We guide the swimmer through stroke analysis, correction and development based on 4 main modules

  • Body balance and Core Stability
  • Streamlining
  • Arm Recovery and Entry
  • Seamless Breathing

One of the primary objectives is to educate swimmers about the positive effects of drag reduction on their swimming efficiency,  and introduce the concept of effortless propulsion through inertia, weight shift and gravitational forces.

The program needs limited ‘fitness’, as it’s skill based, the distance’s swum are short, and in shallow water.

Whether you’re a triathlete or open water swimmer, looking to improve your performance or want to learn more about the benefits of adding swimming to your active lifestyle – the Total Immersion Level 1.0 program is a great choice.

Who is the Effortless Endurance workshop for?

  • You’re a swimmer who wants cutting-edge stroke correction
  • You’re a swimmer who wants to improve your efficiency for more enjoyable and sustainable swimming
  • You’re a triathlete or ocean swimmer who wishes to improve your technical expertise
  • You’re a swimmer looking to learn new drills, enhance skills and challenge your “swimming brain”
  • You’re a recreational swimmer who wants to swim with less effort, for longer distances
  • You want to build on the swim basics and learn how to swim with more confidence and ease

What you will learn in the Effortless Endurance workshop?

  • How to swim with whole body synchronised movements
  • How to balance, stabilise and streamline your body
  • Understand how to utilise ‘weight shift’ to improve propulsion
  • How to practice for biggest gains in swimming efficency
  • A series of drills that directly link to every aspect of your stroke

What will you take away?

  • Know what great swimming looks and feels like
  • Know which aspects of your stroke are going well
  • Know which aspects of your stroke are opportunities for improvement
  • Know what to practice and how to practice for the highest gains
  • Be able to practice independently and understand the next steps in your swimming development