Practice leads to Improvement!

Practice leads to improvement if the practice environment is conducive learning and embedding new muscle memory.  The video clip below shows one of our Total Immersion Ultra Efficient Freestyle groups practicing their skills that were set for homework!

Over this 3 week TI Level 1.0 program, swimmers are given a progressive sequence of skills and drills, based on the TI Balance, Streamline, Propel model.


In the previous week to this video clip, we had gone through the focal points for recovery arm mechanics, and whole stroke timing. Participants were given clear practice goals for the week and came back to impress the Coach.



Practice Tips for you! 

  1. Practice over short distance’s
  2. Keep effort level low
  3. Keep the pace slow
  4. Take breathing out of the equation, add it in later
  5. Do not practice struggle, stand up, refresh your focus, and start again