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What a drag! Understanding one of the biggest hurdles in your swimming

By Claire Owen | Sep 29, 2016

    Do you want to swim more efficiently, faster or further, but find your stroke too exhausting, unsustainable or deteriorates over time? Probably the biggest issue for adult learner, improver and even advanced swimmers, in some cases, is the ‘drag’ effect, created by sinking hips and legs. Reduce your ‘drag’ and you will: improve…


Universal Swimming Challenges

By Claire Owen | Aug 27, 2016

Why does swimming present as such a challenging activity? What are the Universal Swimming Challenges faced by all human bodies in water? Well, lets think about a few things that happen to our bodies (and brains) when we hit the water. We are no longer on/over our centre of gravity, but hanging from it Humans…

Swim-inspiration for budding Triathletes

By Claire Owen | Jun 29, 2016

I had the pleasure coaching John Hallis, through our Total Immersion Effortless Endurance program earlier this year. He was deep in training for some of the season’s top races, in the latter part of the season. John was already doing a great job with is swimming leg, but came to SWIMLAB,  to learn more about improving his…

Basic Water Skills program

Water Confidence and beginner swim programs

By Claire Owen | Jun 29, 2016

              Basic water confidence is a pre-requisite, if your end goal is to learn to swim with ease and enjoyment!  Many ‘beginner’ swimmers harbour a water phobia of sorts, where our confidence in the water has been challenged at some point. This can happen through past trauma in and…

Are you able to hold your stroke mechanics while turning up the power?

By Claire Owen | Oct 22, 2015

Swimming improvement means many things to many swimmers. From the ability to swim relaxed confident laps for health and wellness, to breaking personal records in your next open water event or Masters race. Yet for most, the words ‘I want to swim faster’ are a popular desired outcome. When I hear this though, I clarify the…

Freestyle Arm Recovery

By Claire Owen | Sep 24, 2015

      Practicing freestyle arm recovery whilst in a stable standing position can help raise your awareness of   The overall movement pattern Muscle group engagement Joint range of motion   The aim of the Recovery Sequence   To get the brain operating a controlled elbow led recovery – not a hand swing To feel the…

Synchronised Freestyle Swimming

By Claire Owen | Sep 24, 2015

No make up, hair ties or lipstick for this kind of synchronised swimming! Sync swimming is great fun activity to do, but can also bring awareness to the possibilities of how to adjust your ‘catch’, and act as an introduction to different ‘swimming gears’ available to you. What to do? Get a swimming partner. Decide…

Active Streamlining in Swimming

By Claire Owen | Sep 24, 2015

Are you aware of the body shape that you make in the water? Do you even make a ‘shape’ in the water? Or is your swimming based on constant movement of pulling and kicking in order to maintain forward propulsion? Remember we humans are massive energy wasting machines in the water. Most of us, a mere 3…

What does 2015 hold for your swimming improvement?

By Claire Owen | Feb 9, 2015

What’s your plan? Are you ready to enter your first triathlon or ocean swim? Looking to improve your efficiency and speed in your next open water event? Or simply want to enjoy swimming as part of your weekly activities schedule for improved health and wellness? New Year’s resolutions are tough! There about trying to change…