Freestyle Arm Recovery

Freestyle arm recovery

Freestyle arm recovery

Practicing freestyle arm recovery whilst in a stable standing position can help raise your awareness of

  • The overall movement pattern
  • Muscle group engagement
  • Joint range of motion

The aim of the Recovery Sequence

  • To get the brain operating a controlled elbow led recovery – not a hand swing
  • To feel the full trajectory of the elbow recovery – towards a ‘tipping  or weight shift point’, passed the horizontal centre of gravity
  • To recover with a short compact lever – quicker, and less compromises to the stroke, and stability,  than long arm swing
  • To allow your lead arm to ‘wait’ for the co-ordinated switch – allowing a good catch and optimal propulsion
Manoevre tip of elbow wide

Feel the tip of the elbow travel wide on its initial movement. Avoid any high, vertical elbow movements to avoid impingement

Elbow led movment, finger follow striaght path

Lead with the elbow, imagine your fingertips following a straight line path wide to the side of your body. This require’s core stabilisers to be switched on.

Gravity takes the entry

As the arm moves forwards, shifting the body’s centre of gravity, feel the inertia of the arm assist forwards momentum.  Let gravity ‘take’ the arm and you will hit an optimal entry > catch position, rather than extending out over the water.

Next time you’re at the pool:

Take time to practice the sequence, noting the free flowing movements of the arm, the weight of the arm, and suggested entry point.

Push off and complete just 4-6 strokes applying the focal points: