Are you able to hold your stroke mechanics while turning up the power?

Swimming improvement means many things to many swimmers. From the ability to swim relaxed confident laps for health and wellness, to breaking personal records in your next open water event or Masters race. Yet for most, the¬†words ‘I want to swim faster’ are a popular desired outcome. When I hear this though, I clarify the…

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Freestyle Arm Recovery

Our personal trainers provide customized swim training programs tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you are training for a triathlon, looking to improve your stroke technique, or aiming to increase your swimming endurance, our trainers will design a program that suits your abilities and aspirations.

Practicing freestyle arm recovery whilst in a stable standing position can help raise your awareness of The overall movement pattern Muscle group engagement Joint range of motion The aim of the Recovery Sequence To get the brain operating a controlled elbow led recovery – not a hand swing To feel the full trajectory of the elbow recovery…

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