5 reasons why swimmers choose Swimlab programs to achieve their swimming goals

Learning to swim well, and developing that skill further, deserves a place on everyone’s list. It’s our passion and what we do best....

5 reasons why swimmers choose Swimlab programs to achieve their swimming goals:

1. We provide expert video analysis! Knowing what your swimming looks like, is essential to the learning process. Giving you an insight into what is going well, and where your key opportunities for improvement are, in your stroke.

2. We coach ‘in’ the water with you, hands on and present. Giving clear, immediate feedback and correction improves knowledge, and understanding of your swimming.

3. We provide guidance on ‘what’ to practice; the specific drills and practices needed to improve your stroke.

4. We educate our swimmers on ‘how’ to practice for optimal gains, understanding the a skill based model of progressive development; engaging mind and body for the biggest benefits.

5. Swimming can be an overwhelming, stressful experience exposing many vulnerabilities at any level of ability.  We feel learning is optimised in a fun, engaging, non-threathening environment. Encouraging problem solving and open learning techniques for deeper understanding.


Check out the Total Immersion swim programs on our website:

Level 1.0 Effortless Endurance

Level 2.0 Smart Speed

Level 3.0 Expert Skills

First Strokes Beginner Freestyle

Video Analysis

We also deliver TI Level 1.0 Effortless Endurance as a One-to-One program.