Video Stroke Analysis

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Video stroke analysis is the best way to understand how to improve your swimming technique; ultimately leading to improved efficiency and pace holding ability.

A great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas and Mothers and Fathers Day!

If you are serious about your swimming improvement, invest in a video stroke analysis session. Observe your stroke from 3 view points, including above and below water video's; improve your swimming knowledge by understanding what is going well and where the key opportunities for improvement are.

We will comment on 8 elements that make up your stroke - Balance, Core Stability, Streamlining, Recovery, Entry, Catch, Kick, Breathing.


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Session includes:

  • 45 mins pool       video's, measurements, efficiency set, intro to key corrective solutions
  • 60 mins class      video analysis feedback, understanding efficiency range for wingspan, foundations of better swimming
  • Post session uploads and support material
  • 10% discount on full Total Immersion Level 1.0 Effortless Endurance Program 


ALL of our 1-1 tailored packages, and Total Immersion programs include full video analysis package.

Who is the Video Stroke Analysis session for?

  • You’re not sure why you tire easily over short distances, or where the weak points in your stroke are
  • You want a breakdown of the positives of your swimming, and to learn simple key tips, drills and practices that will improve your technique
  • You would like to improve your swimming efficiency
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of stroke mechanics and their effect on your swimming
  • You want to increase your understanding of your pace-holding ability (speed) by analysing strokes per length and swim stroke rate

What you will learn in Video Stroke Analysis session

  • Why you tire easily when swimming
  • The efficiency rate of your stroke
  • Areas of your stroke that present opportunities for improvement
  • A review of balance, core stability, stream lining, propulsion, arm recovery, catch, breathing and kick

What will you take away?

  • More knowledgeable about your own stroke and how to improve it
  • Video and still shots that demonstrate the key areas of improvement 

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