Swim smarter better and faster with SWIMLAB

I’m here to help you swim smarter, better and faster! Whether you’re a beginner swimmer or training for an open water event, SWIMLAB can help you become more confident in the water.

It’s all in how you swim. We encourage you to work in your zone of improvement.
How many meters you swim, will not guarantee that you swim better or faster!
What your heart rate does will not predict in any way how fast you’re going to swim.

At SWIMLAB, in every swimming practice session, we help you make every stroke count.

Total Immersion ™ Swimming

Let’s take a look at Total Immersion ™ (TI) head coach Terry Laughlin demonstrating TI freestyle swimming technique.

What do you think when you watch Terry swim?

The building blocks to easy efficient swimming come from being ‘aware’ in the water. Awareness comes from relaxing and releasing tension. We help you understand how to have a relaxed and ‘balanced body’ in the water.

TI helps you:

  • Use energy efficiently
  • Let conditioning happen, while you practice efficient swimming
  • Swim fast, rather than hard
  • Learn ease, before focusing on speed or endurance