What does 2015 hold for your swimming improvement?

What’s your plan?

Are you ready to enter your first triathlon or ocean swim? Looking to improve your efficiency and speed in your next open water event? Or simply want to enjoy swimming as part of your weekly activities schedule for improved health and wellness?

New Year’s resolutions are tough! There about trying to change behaviour – forever!

For a better success rate at making changes last, simply use the SMART goal model

  • Keep your destination in sight
  • Know the steps to take to get yourself there
  • Watch your confidence and abilities grow as you achieve each step

Tips for moving forwards with your swimming! 

1. Get your stroke analysed – understand what’s going well, and where your opportunities for improvement are

2. Enrol in a stroke correction group or 1-1 program that is right for your needs

3. Always ask your coach ‘why’ you are doing a certain drill or activity, and how it effects the mechanics of your stroke

4. Improve your stroke efficiency before working on your speed

5. Join a swim squad that is convenient for your weekly schedule

6. Throw away your kick-boards and pull-bouys

7. Purchase a finis tempo trainer to replace the items in 6. (takes up far less room in your kit bag) and will produce better results for your swimming improvement.