Performance Triathlete/Open Water Avatar/Squads

Thanks for your help with improving my swimming stroke. I completed the 2km Cole Classic swim on Sunday MUCH less tired than I had been after 1.5km at Avalon, a couple of weeks before. I also improved my time dramatically, going from a 28.28 1km last year to a 42.17 2km this year.

I know I've still got a lot of work to do to keep refining and improving my stroke - or should I say efficiency and a streamlining, but definitely feel I'm heading in the right direction now.'

Merrin T

Total Immersion Program

Claire is a brilliant coach and the programme has made a huge difference. The content is very easy to understand, includes detailed support materials and individualised video correction analysis. In just two months my technique and swim fitness have improved dramatically

Paul Cummins

Triathlete Total Immersion Program

'I am continuing to make improvements (for the 750m have gone from 17.13 minutes the week before our first session to 14:21 minutes on Sunday).

Thank you so much for all your help. The classes have been awesome and all the feedback and follow up you give is greatly appreciated.'

Emily W

Total Immersion Program

I started swimming squads 5 year ago, Claire (swimlab) was my first coach and is from far the best! I also attended her bootcamp and TI freestyle workshops that are a great addition to the squads with a focus on technique. Thanks to the combination of all my swimming has improved a lot and it gave me the confidence to participate in ocean swimming events. With her experience, patience and enthusiasm Claire manages to bring fun and fitness to all her classes...I highly recommend Claire and swimlab. She is not only a fantastic coach but also a great swimmer!

Sandra C

'I did a club race last Saturday morning in La Perouse, and although some of the fast swimmers were not racing, I was still 2nd out of the water (out of about 7 swimmers) on every lap. I am usually at the back of the pack. For a 300 swim that usually takes me 7 mins I am now doing in 5:30min and it was choppy conditions.'

Steven P

Coogee Tri Club

Health and Wellness/ Happy Laps Avatar

Claire is an experienced coach who brings fun, fitness and a true understanding of the mechanics of good swimming to her training. She has helped those who have never swum to be regular ocean swimmers, and at the other end trains serious competitors for their next race. Whatever swim journey you are on, you will benefit and gain from Swimlab..!

Christine C

Bootcamp, Swimfit Squads

Bloody amazing it has transformed my life, I absolutely love getting up at 6am to go for a swim. Would highly recommend

Paula Mc

Total Immersion Program

Claire is a wonderful coach, she gets the best out of everyone who swims with her, be it absolute beginners or seasoned swimmers. She'll give you the skills & confidence to push yourself to achieve swimming goals you never thought possible.


Swimfit Squad

Every time I get in the water now I feel an immense sense of gratitude to Claire. Her swim programs are excellent and the TI technique has made swimming an immensely enjoyable experience. She is also fantastic at keeping in contact even when the programs have finished. She is always happy to answer questions and impart her knowledge. I cant recommend Claire enough.


Beginner swimmer and triathlete

Claire is a fantastic swim coach. She imparts an excellent knowledge of swimming technique and can explain herself clearly and succinctly. However, she doesn't let the technique overwhelm the session and you will get fit under her guidance! She has a friendly and approachable manner, and fosters a great group atmosphere. I credit Claire with giving me back my swim mojo, and a much improved stroke.

Tamera L

Open Water Swimmer, Swimfit Squads

Total Immersion Avatar

'I was especially looking for a coach to train the Total Immersion™ program. Claire is great coach with a wonderful and positive approach. She provided videos of the lesson and a practice plan for me follow. I'm booked in for my second lesson this week. Would definitely recommend Claire to anyone looking for stroke correction or any form of swimming coaching.'

Adrianne V

1-1 Coaching

Swimlab and Claire Owen were awesome! With only four lessons, Claire had me swimming the Total Immersion way, and I have now completed the 2.5km Bondi to Bronte swim with ease. My highest recommendation!!

Simon S

We've been swimming with Claire and have done all her courses from 1.0 to "expert skills" and we're getting better all the time. 
I've moved from scraping in second from last in my age group to middle of the pack!
Squads are fun and her passion for swimming and helping everyone reach their goals (whatever level that may be) is obvious...

Emma B

Total Immersion 1, 2, 3 squads

I attend Claire's Total Immersion Program after years of swimming where I felt I wasn't making improvement despite significant effort! The program provided an excellent mix of theory and practice and the improvements on completion were huge! Claire has a unique skill as a coach and is highly engaging and motivating. Since completing the course I am no longer experiencing any of the muscle pain I used to and my speed and efficiency through the water has massively improved. For anyone that is looking to improve their technique and get more out of their swimming I would highly recommend this course.

Chris B

Total Immersion, squads

Beginner/Learn to swim/Progressive Avatar

"......my stroke is getting better; with time it feels more natural and easy. Last night in class, I swam 25 m straight with breathing, including swimming in the deeper section of pool, which felt like biggest achievement ever. I would previously have panicked, a lot,  but have now overcome my fears. 

Thank you so much for everything. I was at the verge of giving up on swimming when I started with Swimlab in Feb. Now, I love every bit of it!"  


started with the beginner program and has just completed the progressive

Claire offers great, consistent coaching for all swimmers whether beginners or advanced and she is very generous and enthusiastic with her support and advice. The atmosphere she creates in her swim squads is also really friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend her!

Victoria S

North Bondi SLC

Starting from scratch as an adult swimmer that couldn't really swim 200m, SWIMLAB has been transformative. Incredible coaching and amazing technique that has given water confidence and helped me fall in love with the pool. Wholehearted recommendation.

Andrew H.

Progressive swimmer

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