No one can describe the SWIMLAB experience better than our clients

'Thank you for coaching/teaching me over the past five weeks. You have a real gift in your ability to share your knowledge in a fun and inspiring way. I felt challenged throughout the course, but not so challenged that I felt like giving up. While the “before” video was humbling, it was also quite motivating.'

'Thanks for your help with improving my swimming stroke. I completed the 2km Cole Classic swim on Sunday MUCH less tired than I had been after 1.5km at Avalon a couple of weeks before. I also improved my time dramatically, going from a 28.28 1km last year to a 42.17 2km this year.

I know I’ve still got a lot of work to do to keep refining and improving my stroke – or should I say efficiency and a streamlining, but definitely feel I’m heading in the right direction now.'

'I am continuing to make improvements (for the 750m have gone from 17.13 minutes the week before our first session to 14:21 minutes on Sunday).

Thank you so much for all your help. The classes have been awesome and all the feedback and follow up you give is greatly appreciated.’

Brad K

One-to-one Coaching, Effortless Endurance Freestyle Program

Merrin T

Stroke Correction Clinic

Emily W, triathlete

Effortless Endurance Freestyle Program

'I really enjoyed the weekend! It is great to know some really essential things to work on; now to continue along the path of efficient swimming!

Thanks to Claire for being a wonderful teacher and putting up with a few bad jokes along the way!’

'Claire. Thanks for the info, a great read! I do find its good to be thinking of some key things to be working on before each session.

I definitely feel like I am making progress. In fact there is no doubt I have made huge progress, admittedly off a low base. But the sense of change in the stroke not just the fitness has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough for the initial revelation and probably future revelations.’

'I was especially looking for a coach to train the Total Immersion™ program. Claire is great coach with a wonderful and positive approach. She provided videos of the lesson and a practice plan for me follow. I’m booked in for my second lesson this week. Would definitely recommend Claire to anyone looking for stroke correction or any form of swimming coaching.’

Peter Short

Effortless Endurance Freestyle Program

Michael S

Swim Squad

Adrianne V

Video Stroke Analysis

'I did a club race last Saturday morning in La Perouse, and although some of the fast swimmers were not racing, I was still 2nd out of the water (out of about 7 swimmers) on every lap. I am usually at the back of the pack. For a 300 swim that usually takes me 7 mins I am now doing in 5:30min and it was choppy conditions.’

'Excellent feedback. I can say that I have improved again after seeing this video and now expect another 10% improvement with the gems of wisdom from you. Can’t wait to put those observations into practice.’

Steven Powell

Coogee Triathlon Club

Colin K

One-to-one Coaching